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Accoya sustainable wood

Discover the limitless possibilities of Accoya wood, a true innovation in the world of woodworking. With its unique properties, including impressive stability and durability. A premium choice for demanding construction and design projects.

Benefits of Accoya wood

Accoya wood offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive choice for a variety of applications. Here are some of the main benefits:

Stability: Accoya wood undergoes an acetylation process that modifies the cellulose in the wood, making it extremely stable. This results in minimal expansion, contraction or warping, even under changing weather conditions.

Durability: It is exceptionally durable and has a lifespan that is significantly longer than many other types of wood. It is resistant to mold, insects and other spoilage organisms, making it well suited for outdoor applications.

Improved hardness: The acetylation process increases the hardness of the wood, making Accoya stronger than many other wood types. This makes it ideal for facades and furniture.

Environmentally friendly: Accoya is produced from sustainably managed forests and the acetylation process uses non-toxic substances. This makes this an environmentally friendly choice with a lower environmental impact.

Painter-friendly: Accoya wood has excellent paint adhesion properties, making it easy to treat with paint and stain. The finish remains beautiful for longer, resulting in less maintenance.

Aesthetic qualities: Accoya retains its natural appearance and warmth, making it an attractive choice for architectural and design projects.

Versatility: Accoya wood is suitable for a wide range of applications including cladding, decking, windows, doors, furniture and more. Its versatility makes it a valuable choice for a variety of projects.

Accoya is a sustainable and great choice for various applications, from exterior facades to very studry furniture. Is the desired profile for your custom project not listed? Contact us for the possibilities. We are happy to advise you!

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