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Durable, strong and stable: Thermo Bamboo

Thermally modified bamboo is an excellent choice for various projects. A versatile product, whether it concerns a facade, garden project or decking. This innovative material is durable, strong, and stable, giving your project a natural, timeless look.

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Discover the benefits of Thermally Modified Bamboo


  • Very durable thanks to carefully controlled thermal treatment process. This makes it resistant to influences of moisture, fungi and insects.
  • Fire Class B: Suitable for buildings with strict fire safety requirements, such as apartments and commercial properties, perfect for architects to integrate it seamlessly into their projects.
  • Durability class 1: Comparable to the best tropical hardwoods, which emphasizes its longevity.

Environmentally friendly

  • Bamboo, as one of the world’s fastest growing plants, and is already naturally sustainable.
  • Thermal modification process minimizes the use of chemicals.
  • No additional maintenance products required

Weather resistance

  • Easily withstands all weather conditions: rain, snow or bright sun.
  • Resistant to shrinking, expanding and other forms of deformation.
  • Remains stable and retains its original shape and integrity.

Sleek appearance

  • Warm, rich tones and natural grain patterns add a sophisticated look. Suitable for various applications: floors, furniture, facade cladding and garden constructions.
  • Attachment with clips possible. Installation is simplified by the use of clips for both cladding and decking.

Ease of maintenance

  • Low maintenance thanks to simple cleaning is sufficient to keep the wood in top condition.

Frequently asked questions about Thermo Bamboo

What lengths does Thermo Bamboo come in?

The standard length for thermally modified Bamboo is 186 cm.

How is thermo bamboo processed?

Thermo bamboo is created from an innovative production process in which bamboo fibers are compressed under high pressure and thermally modified at 200 °C. This treatment results in a compact, stable and extremely hard end product, very suitable for outdoor use such as decking and facade cladding.

Is thermo bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo, typically less durable in its natural state, undergoes a thermal modification process that renders it stable and versatile for applications like cladding and decking. Through this process, bamboo gains heightened durability, boasting quality similar to premier tropical hardwoods. Moreover, bamboo’s rapid growth enables new shoots to sprout from its roots shortly after harvesting, reinforcing its status as a sustainable and renewable resource for production.

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