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Important information about buying wood

We have more than 10 years of experience in the timber trade and have summarized these experiences in this message to avoid any mishaps.

Have you thought of everything?

Wood is a natural product

The uniformity of the product will vary. No two boards are the same. The differences can be:

  • Color; The color of the wood varies.
  • Do you want an even color? Our recommendation is to treat the wood.
    wood grays; If you don’t treat the wood, it will turn gray outdoors. The speed and degree depend largely on the position of the facade, possible overhangs and other factors.
  • Dimensions; There may be slight differences in both width, thickness and length. This affects a few percent of the mm/cm.
  • Defects; There are branches in trees. Imperfections are inherent in products made from raw materials found in nature. This shows up in small cracks.

Our recommendation: order enough! In the wood industry it is acceptable that 5% of the boards may be of slightly lower quality. This shows up in head cracks, irregularities and other small defects.


Everyone does their best throughout the ordering process to get the wood to you perfectly, but sometimes things go wrong.

  • Date: Have the wood delivered at least a few days before your project begins. Transport companies are human too and sometimes make mistakes. It often happens that a delivery is delayed. You can also check the quality and not get into trouble with your planning.
  • Transport damage: If it was not damaged during transport, you must immediately report this to the transport company. We take photos of every delivery that leaves our warehouse so we can report any damage to the shipping company.
  • Damage to the wood:
    Even with deliveries in which you cannot immediately detect defects, defects may be discovered later. This can happen during planing or during transport. Please report this here.
  • Check!

Our recommendation:

Order enough!

It’s annoying for everyone if you can’t complete the project immediately. Cutting a few extra boards to size and shipping them is often almost as expensive as your entire first order.

  • Cutting loss; When measuring square meters/meters/number of boards, in some cases cutting loss is not taken into account.
  • Small defects as described under point 1. There may be a slightly inferior board.
  • Lengths: Order longer boards than the exact size needed. Example: You need 303 cm boards. The next length measure is 305 cm. However, we recommend ordering 335cm so that the head cracks and any other imperfections can be trimmed and you have a smooth facade.
  • Throw away: We deliver 2% additional wood for free with every order. This will help you prevent your project from experiencing delays due to any of the above points. However, this does not mean that you should pay attention to your 10% extra for cutting loss. This 2% is what we call the “disposable” because if you can complete your order without the 2%, these boards can be used for another purpose. For example, think about giving a board to your neighbor, using it to replace boards that have already been assembled, or maybe you have another creative idea! We would be happy to take photos of it.

Our Recommendation: Calculate 10% additional commercial lengths to meet the desired length specification and compensate for cutting loss or any short-sized pieces/head cracks.


If, despite the above advice, there is something wrong with your order, we will of course be happy to help you! We ensure that every order is fulfilled according to your wishes and every repeat order is always processed immediately so that you can complete your project as quickly as possible.

Good luck with your project!

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