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Fraké wood

Fraké wood is a wonderful choice for wooden facade cladding due to its unique properties. It is also sometimes referred to as Limba, Limba noir, Frake wood, Fraké, or thermo Frake. This type of wood from Gabon is not inherently durable, but it falls under durability class 1 after thermal modification. At Housewood.com, you can find high-quality Fraké wood products that perfectly complement your construction project.

Properties of Fraké wood

Fraké wood is a popular choice for the manufacture of wooden facade cladding. It is known for its durability, stability, and striking appearance. Due to the “patterns” in the wood, a facade clad with Fraké wood has a slightly busier and darker appearance. Additionally, Fraké is somewhat harder than, for example, Ayous, making it heavier after treatment. Check out our blog page for the differences and similarities between Fraké and Ayous. At Housewood.com, we exclusively offer thermally modified Fraké wood, which has a durability class 1 and a robust appearance with a lot of grain in the wood; it is also known as African Oak.

  • Durability class 1 due to thermal modification
  • 100% environmentally friendly treated
  • Busier and darker appearance
  • Mainly suitable for facade cladding

Thermo Fraké for an extended lifespan

Thermo Fraké is thermally modified Fraké wood that is ideal for facade cladding. At Housewood, we offer high-quality thermally modified Fraké wood products with an extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. Normally, Fraké wood has durability class 4, which is less suitable for facade cladding. Through thermal modification, it achieves durability class 1, with a lifespan of 25 years or longer. The process reduces the wood’s movement, making it more stable. The warm nutty color and striking lines make thermally modified Fraké perfect for distinctive facade cladding. The wood ages beautifully evenly. Choose high-quality, durable, and aesthetic thermally modified Fraké facade cladding at Housewood.

Fraké wood cladding

A fraké wooden cladding offers a beautiful natural look with its warm color and characteristic grain structure. We offer both horizontal and vertical cladding made of Fraké wood, depending on your preference and design requirements. The wood is sustainably treated and environmentally friendly. This is because the thermal process does not use chemicals. It also reduces the need for the use of wood preservatives, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Fraké wood is highly resistant to fungi, wood rot and has an insulating effect, making it very suitable for (open) facade cladding. As an alternative for a similar look, you can also choose Ayous, which has a more modern knot-free look, or Red Cedar in a lighter color. With Fraké wood from Housewood.nl you choose sustainable and aesthetic facade cladding.

Order Fraké wood at Housewood.com

At Housewood.com, you can easily order Fraké wood for your facade cladding. We offer a wide range of high-quality Fraké wood products that perfectly complement your project. Our ordering and quotation request processes are simple, our experts are ready to advise and support you in making the right choice. With Housewood.com, you are assured of high-quality Fraké wood and expert advice.

Frequently asked questions about Fraké wood

What kind of wood is Fraké?

Fraké is a type of wood from the Millettia laurentii tree, also known as the Fraké tree. The wood is known for its durability, stability and beautiful color. It is widely used for cladding and other outdoor applications due to its good properties and aesthetic appeal.

How quickly does Fraké age?

Fraké wood has the natural property of graying over time under the influence of sunlight and weather conditions. The rate of graying can vary, but in general the wood will gradually develop a silver-gray color. This gives a nice aged look to the cladding and does not require any specific treatment.

What is thermo Fraké wood?

Thermo Fraké wood is Fraké wood that has undergone thermal modification. By heating the wood under controlled conditions, its properties are improved. Thermally modified Fraké wood has higher durability, stability and resistance to moisture, fungi and insects. It is an excellent choice for siding that is long lasting and has minimal maintenance requirements.



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