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Type of wood Padouk
Description The core of African Padouk wood has a beautiful, vibrant orange-red color, also known as coral red, hence the name “Corail”. When exposed to light, this color quickly fades to a pale reddish brown and over time to blackish brown. If the wood is sealed in a timely manner with an acid-curing clear varnish, the beautiful color will last longer. The sapwood, which is 100-200 mm wide, is dirty white to cream colored. African Padouk is an excellent, durable, beautiful and stable type of wood.
Colour It is orange when freshly felled, later turning towards red and burgundy, sometimes referred to as purple. The wood also has striking white sapwood, which often contrasts with the rich red color of the heartwood.
Durability Durability class 1
Appearance uniform pattern with only a knots or knotholes
Graying uniform gray color
Application Facade cladding or floor coverings outdoors and indoors
Price € 90,- without VAT per square meter. This makes it a fairly expensive type of wood.
Hardness Very hard
Weight Heavy
Origin Africa
Product information We supply Padouk facade cladding

Overview of the characteristics of the Padouk wood species


  1. Very durable: over 25 years.
  2. Easy to work with: especially for hardwood.
  3. Unique Color: The heartwood ranges from red to purple-brown, with cream-colored sapwood.
  4. Silver-gray discoloration: The wood turns silver-gray over time.
  5. Strong with good grain pattern: It has a strong structure with a well-defined pattern.
  6. Exceptionally stable: Little tendency to deform or crack.
  7. Easy to handle: Good for various processing methods.


  1. Difficult to clean: Difficult to keep clean.
  2. Discolors without treatment: Without protection, the color of the wood can change.

Additional Information:

  • Origin: Tropical West Africa.
  • Description of the wood: The heartwood of the African Padouk initially has a striking orange-red color, which fades over time and turns to a darker shade of red or even black brown. The sapwood is cream colored.
  • Density: The density varies from 720 to 900 kg/m³ at 12% moisture.
  • Processing: It is easy to process with hand and machine tools. Sharpening can be difficult if the grain is irregular.
  • Longevity: The wood is resistant to mold and termites. Heartwood is good for geographical applications.

Padouk wood is commonly used for interiors, furniture, doors, flooring, and much more. It is a highly valued species of wood due to its durability and unique color.

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