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Rough Ayous

Opt for a robust facade cladding with rough Ayous. With dimensions of 26x45mm, 26x105mm, and 26x155mm, this wood offers a versatile solution for various designs. These planks are also highly suitable for customizing. Robust, durable, and easy to install. Upgrade your facade today!


Rough Ayous: Robust facade cladding

Give your home a sturdy look with our rough Ayous facade cladding. This beautiful wood is known for its natural charm and durability, adding a unique character to any facade. With dimensions of 26x45mm, 26x105mm, and 26x155mm, we provide a versatile solution for various designs and styles.


Ayous wood naturally has a warm, appealing appearance that only gets more beautiful over time. The rough surface preserves the authentic texture of the wood, making each plank unique. The wood is known for its durability and resistance to various weather conditions.

Different sizes for various applications: Choose from our various sizes – 26x45mm, 26x105mm, 26x155mm, or combine them for a striking, robust facade.

Why rough Ayous?

Easy installation: Our facade cladding is designed with ease of installation in mind. Rough Ayous wood is lightweight, making it convenient to work with.

Low maintenance: Thanks to the natural properties of Ayous wood, minimal maintenance is required. Enjoy a beautiful facade without much effort.

Environmentally friendly: Ayous comes from sustainably managed forests, making it an environmentally conscious choice for your facade cladding.

Upgrade the appearance of your home with the timeless and durable rough Ayous facade cladding. Discover the natural beauty of Ayous wood and give your facade a unique charm. Order today and create a facade you’ll be proud of!


Looking for a specific thickness or length? This is also possible; check here for the options.


45mm, 105mm, 155mm


1000mm, 2150mm, 2450mm, 2750mm, 3050mm, 3350mm, 3650mm, 3950mm, 4250mm, 4550mm