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Thermally Modified Oak

A sustainable cladding in innovative thermally modified oak, free from knots. The refined quality and natural beauty of oak provide your projects with an exquisite finish. Combined with the concealed mounting system, you are assured of a seamless result. Displayed price per m2.

193,86 ex. btw (234,57 in.btw)

Innovative Cladding in Thermally Modified Oak

Our thermally modified oak cladding represents simplicity and the beauty of nature. It is made from PEFC-certified oak that has undergone thermal treatment, resulting in a durability class I. What makes our thermally treated oak cladding special is the absence of knots, resulting in a clean appearance. We offer a range of different profiles for this cladding.

Regardless of the profile you choose, our thermally modified oak cladding will provide exterior walls with a timeless finish that only becomes more beautiful over time. The deep brown surface of the oak undergoes a natural greying, which begins immediately after installation and can take several months to years, depending on exposure to daylight. This graying does not affect the durability of the cladding.

For those who do not want to wait and prefer an instantly greyed appearance, we can pre-grey your thermally modified oak cladding. This also prevents uneven graying on parts less exposed to rain and sun, such as eaves, while retaining the beautiful wood grain. If you prefer to maintain the original deep brown color, we recommend treating your thermally modified oak cladding with oil before installation; please contact us for options.

The Benefits of Thermally Modified Oak Cladding:

  • Durability class I
  • 100% ecological and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent resistance to wood rot
  • Dimensionally stable and robust
  • 100% free of defects
  • Attractive, warm color
  • Beautiful and even greying
  • Low maintenance required
  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for invisible mounting systems