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Thermo Bamboo 18x139mm

Thermo bamboo, measuring 18x139x1860 mm, is a sturdy, stable, and exceptionally robust material ideal for both facade cladding and terrace boards. It belongs to fire class B, indicating a limited contribution to fire hazard.

price per board

18,12 ex. btw (21,93 in.btw)

Thermo Bamboo

Thermo bamboo, renowned for its exceptional hardness and stability, is manufactured through an innovative production process. During this process, facade boards undergo a special treatment where bamboo fibers are compressed under high pressure and thermally modified at a temperature of 200 °C. This results in a compact, stable, and extraordinarily strong end product. The unique combination of these properties makes thermally modified bamboo particularly suitable for outdoor applications, such as terrace boards and facade cladding. Clips are used during the installation of both the facade cladding and terrace boards. The parts are available with a water-based oiled finish and have a length of 186 cm.

Some benefits:

  • Highly stable
  • Fire class B
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durability class 1 (EN350)
  • Attachment with clips
  • Exceptionally hard

Why is bamboo a sustainable choice?

Bamboo, although not naturally durable, becomes stable and suitable for various applications, such as facade cladding and terrace boards, thanks to treatment at high temperatures. Thermally modified bamboo exhibits extraordinary durability and quality, comparable to the best tropical hardwood species. Bamboo, a rapidly growing plant, can grow several tens of centimeters per day. Under normal conditions, bamboo stems can be harvested within 5 years. When harvested, new shoots grow directly from the bamboo root, making it a sustainable and renewable source for production.