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Western Red Cedar Channelsiding 18x130mm

Our premium Western Red Cedar stands out for its diverse color palette, exceptional durability, and versatility in construction. Available in lengths ranging from 1000mm to 4550mm, with custom profiles upon request. Contact us for more details.


Western Red Cedar Channelsiding 18x130mm

Introducing our premium Western Red Cedar, sourced from the west coast of North America, especially in areas such as British Columbia in Canada and parts of the United States, such as Washington and Oregon.

WRC is characterized by its diverse color spectrum, ranging from light yellow-brown to chocolate-like brown, with variations occurring between the central and outer portions of the trunk. Its resin passages contribute to its distinct appeal.

This wood is highly regarded for its workability, responding well to both hand and machine tools. However, careful attention is advised during drying, particularly with thicker pieces to prevent distortion.

In outdoor applications, WRC demonstrates exceptional durability and resistance to decay and corrosion. Its natural repellence to insects and mold further enhances its suitability for exterior use in various construction projects.

Experience the enduring quality of Western Red Cedar in your next project, whether it be for interior paneling, roofing, fences, or pergolas. Its versatility and longevity make it a preferred choice for architects and builders seeking reliable, high-quality materials.


1000mm, 1850mm, 2150mm, 2450mm, 2750mm, 3050mm, 3350mm, 3650mm, 4250mm, 4550mm