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Western Red Cedar STK Channelsiding 18x130mm

Western Red Cedar STK stands out with its unique natural features, durability, and excellent value for money. With lengths ranging from 1000 to 4900mm, it’s perfect for your project. Looking for a different profile? Contact us to discover more options!


Western Red Cedar STK is a versatile wood species perfect for outdoor applications. STK, or Select Tight Knotty, presents a budget-friendly alternative to knot-free options, maintaining durability while retaining its authentic appearance, adding a distinctive look to your facade.

Originating from the lush forests of North America, Western Red Cedar is known for its natural resistance to insects and rot, making it perfect for outdoor applications. The warm color and unique wood grain of this timber create a timeless aesthetic that only improves with time.

Opt for Western Red Cedar STK Channelsiding 18x130mm for a blend of character, durability, and affordability. Contact us for more information or a free quote for your project.


1000mm, 2150mm, 2450mm, 2750mm, 3050mm, 3350mm, 3650mm, 3950mm, 4250mm, 4550mm, 4900mm