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Woca Exterior Wood Oil Teak

Give your wood a natural look with Woca Exterior Wood Oil. Easy to apply in 1 layer without sanding beforehand. 2.5 liter can is suitable for approximately 25m2.


Woca Exterior Wood Oil Teak

Experience the ultimate protection for your outdoor wood with Woca Exterior Wood Oil. This water-based oil is specially formulated for outdoor applications, offering rapid drying and a matte, natural finish.

Crafted with special pigments, Woca Exterior Wood Oil provides exceptional, long-lasting defense against dirt, stains, and grease, ensuring your outdoor wood stays pristine for years to come. Available in a range of colors, it allows you to customize and enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

This versatile oil is ideal for facade cladding, garden houses, decking and garden furniture and is very easy to apply. Simply clean the wood with Woca Exterior Cleaner , reapply the oil and avoid the hassle of sanding.

Since 1 liter covers approximately 8 to 12 m2, it is both efficient and effective.

• The oil provides a strong water and dirt-resistant surface
• Strengthens the natural color structure of the wood
• Quick-drying
• All variants have UV protection



Teak, Black, Grey, Walnut, Bangkirai, Larch, Anthracite