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Random lengths/ Staggered (random) patterns

Wooden facade cladding can be installed in various ways. One commonly used method is arranging it in ‘random lengths’ or ‘staggered patterns’. The most suitable method of attachment depends on each individual project, the facade, and the surface. Additionally, personal preference and the availability of different widths and lengths of wood also play a role.

Image 1.1: Various options for facade cladding.

On this expert page, we will explain to you the advantages and, if applicable, disadvantages of ‘random lengths’ or also referred to as ‘wild bond’.

“Random lengths” means that different lengths of facade wood are installed in a mixed manner. You can see what this looks like in the picture above.

Advantages of random lengths:

  • Most efficient; Because each piece can be reused, waste is minimized. Each piece can be reused to start the next row. This method is also often used when laying floors.
  • Cost-effective; This method requires the least amount of wood for your project. You are also not limited to specific lengths for your facade.
  • Spacious; This gives every surface a playful appearance. Even for larger areas such as office buildings or larger houses with several floors and joints required due to the maximum length of the wood, this installation method results in a very clean picture.
  • Flexible; You can work with shorter pieces around window and door openings and corners of the facade, making installation easier and more fitting.

Installation tips for random lengths:

Joints: You can even out the joints between the different vertical parts by cutting the boards diagonally at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. This optimizes drainage. In the photo below you can see a close-up of the assembly with beveled edges.

Rear ventilation: To even out the joints well, you can use the remaining pieces of the rear ventilation wood as an additional ventilation slot exactly at the point where the boards meet. If you use thermally treated wood, a gap of 6 to 10 mm is sufficient.

Horizontal and vertical: You can install both vertical and horizontal facade cladding in random lengths or the staggered pattern method. 

Wood lengths: Buy wood in different lengths and use them mixed. This will prevent a pattern from appearing in the design.

Would you like to carry out your project in “random lengths”?

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