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Siberian Larch

Wood type Siberian Larch
Description Larch is a resinous type of wood whose heartwood has color variations from light yellow-brown, yellow-brown, reddish to reddish-brown. The sapwood can be clearly distinguished from the heartwood and has a yellowish to dirty white color. Larch trees produce heartwood at a young age, meaning that the width of the sapwood in mature trees is usually no greater than 20 mm. The growth rings are very clearly visible. Each zone contains light-colored earlywood and dark latewood. This results in a beautiful flaming effect on flat cut, while a clear stripe pattern is created on quarter cut. Larch is quite heavy for a softwood species. Due to their similar structure and color, the appearance and technical characteristics of the larch species differ so little from each other that they are indistinguishable from each other. The differences that occur in the weight, hardness and appearance of branches are caused less by the species than by age and growing conditions. Since the quality depends on the origin, care should be taken when using larch. Studies have shown that watered larch absorbs water slightly more easily than fresh larch.
Color Light yellow brown
Durability Durability Class 3

Beautiful flame pattern. Available with and/or without knots.


Uniform gray color.


Facade cladding or floor coverings outdoors and indoors.

Price € 90,- without VAT per square meter. This makes it a fairly expensive type of wood.
Hardness Hard
Weight Heavy
Origin Siberia
Product information

We supply facade cladding made of Siberian larch.


  • Easy to work with compared to hardwood
  • Robust with a beautiful grain
  • Easy to use


  • Prominent Knots (for the option with knots)
  • Discoloration without treatment
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