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Thermo Ash wood

Thermo Ash wood: Extremely durable European Hardwood

Thermal modification is a process applied to wood to improve its properties. This process can be applied to various types of wood. After treatment it is also called Thermo Wood. One of the wood types that is often subjected to thermal modification is Ash. This process changes the chemical composition of the wood, giving it better properties in terms of durability, stability and resistance to insects and fungi.

The thermal modification process

The thermal modification process involves heating the wood to a certain temperature in a low-oxygen environment. This temperature is usually between 160 and 240 degrees Celsius. During this process, the chemical and physical properties of the wood are changed. Moisture content is reduced, resins are removed, and cellulose structures are rearranged. This results in a type of wood with improved properties.

Benefits of thermally modified Ash wood

  1. 🌱 Durability: Thermally modified Ash wood has increased durability. It is more resistant to insects, mold and rot, making it last longer than untreated wood.
  2. 📏 Stability: The modification process reduces shrinkage and expansion of the wood with temperature and humidity changes. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where stability is important, such as outdoor applications.
  3. 🤎 Beautiful Color and Texture : The wood often takes on a dark brown warmer color and attractive texture after thermal modification, making it aesthetically pleasing for various applications.
  4. ♻️ Environmentally friendly: Compared to chemical treatments, thermal modification is generally more environmentally friendly, as no harmful chemicals are used.


Thermally modified Ash wood is widely used in outdoor applications such as decking, cladding, and garden furniture. Its enhanced durability makes it suitable for conditions exposed to weather elements.


Thermally modified Ash wood provides a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for various construction and design projects. With improved properties and an aesthetically appealing appearance, it is a popular choice for those seeking high-quality, natural materials with reduced ecological impact.

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