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High-quality Scandinavian Thermo Pine

Lunawood facade cladding

Based in Finland, Lunawood is a leading producer of high-quality Thermo Pine. A sustainable product that offers an ecological choice throughout its life cycle and adds a Scandinavian luxury look to any facade. This luxurious pine cladding is the ideal solution for contemporary architecture for numerous outdoor projects. But also very suitable for damp indoor projects such as a sauna or spa.

Characteristics of Thermo Pine

Lunawood uses high-quality Scandinavian pine wood, grown in the harsh Nordic climate for almost 80 years, making the Thermo Pine products robust and durable. Only Nordic PEFC-certified wood is used. The high-quality production is based on a carefully managed logistics chain from forest to end product. The wood is thermally modified at 212ºC. These products, made without chemicals, bear the authenticity of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Advantages of Lunawood Thermo Pine:

  1. Standard lengths: The Thermo Pine products are supplied in standard lengths of 4500 mm. Custom lengths are available depending on customer needs.
  2. Dimensionally Stable: Lunawood Thermo Pine remains stable in different climates, suitable for various weather conditions.
  3. Low Maintenance: It requires minimal maintenance and no surface treatment if installed according to instructions.
  4. Resin-free: Even at high temperatures, the wood remains free of resin, which enhances its durability.
  5. Natural Aging: When used outdoors without treatment, the wood develops a beautiful silver color, contributing to the natural appearance.
  6. Color retention: To maintain the original brown shade, a surface treatment with UV protection and pigmentation is recommended.
  7. Durability Class 2: Lunawood Pine is classified as Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350) “durable” and has a Building Research Establishment (BRE) approval stating an expected lifespan of 30 years when used as cladding.

Lunawood Thermo Pine is not only durable, but also offers the solid quality of Scandinavian design. It is the perfect choice for architects and builders who aim to enhance the exterior of buildings with wood cladding that is both attractive and environmentally friendly.

Lunawood is available in different profiles, is your desired profile not listed? Contact us to look at the possibilities for your custom project.

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