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Thermowood is a collective term for thermally treated wood that is becoming increasingly popular in the construction and design world. Through a special treatment process, the wood is heated to high temperatures, resulting in improved properties and durability. Thermowood offers many advantages over untreated wood, including increased dimensional stability, reduced warping and improved resistance to moisture, mold and insects. It also retains the natural look and color of the wood, making it an attractive choice for siding. Discover the diverse possibilities of Thermowood at Housewood.

Thermisch modifiziertes Holz

Thermally modified wood, also known as thermowood, undergoes a specific process that improves the properties of the wood. Thermal modification involves treating wood with steam and heat, making it more durable and stable. During this process, the wood is heated to temperatures between 160°C and 230°C in an oxygen-poor environment. This changes the properties of the wood so that it absorbs less moisture and is more resistant to shrinkage and expansion. In addition, the wood absorbs less moisture, making it less susceptible to mold and insects. Thermally modified wood therefore offers significant advantages over untreated wood, including improved durability, stability and resistance to external influences.

Properties of thermowood

Thermowood is known for its unique properties that make it an attractive choice for cladding. It has increased dimensional stability, meaning it is less prone to shrinkage and expansion. This makes the wood ideal for outdoor applications where it is exposed to changing weather conditions. It also offers other advantages:

  1. Very light: approx. 400 kilograms per cubic meter. This corresponds to around 7.2 kilograms per square meter for a facade cladding that is 18 millimeters thick.

  2. Stable: very dimensionally stable because the wood hardly works anymore.

  3. Fast and even graying

  4. Easy installation: Due to its softness, the wood can easily be mounted on the facade yourself.

  5. Fire protection class D: The wood can be upgraded to fire protection class B through flame-retardant impregnation.

In addition, thermowood offers improved durability, with increased resistance to moisture, mold and insects.

Suitable applications for thermally modified wood

Thermally modified wood is ideal for facade cladding. Unlike hardwood, which is less recommended for various reasons, thermowood offers an excellent alternative. The wood is available in the same durability ratings as hardwood, making it a sustainable choice. Thermowood is dimensionally stable and has good resistance to moisture and other influences. It also has a warm color and offers good insulating properties. Thermowood is available as facade cladding in various colors and profiles, giving each facade a unique appearance. Ayous (Abachi) and Fraké are common types of wood. In addition, Housewood has also completed projects using radiata pine, ash, poplar, spruce, pine, bamboo and oak in thermally modified form.

Thermowood from Housewood

At Housewood you will find a wide range of high-quality thermowood products. We offer a variety of thermally modified wood for various applications such as cladding, decking and garden fencing. Our thermowood products are known for their durability and resistance to moisture, mold and insects. Additionally, we offer customized options so you can find the perfect solution to suit your specific needs and desires. With Thermowood from Housewood, you get high-quality materials that are durable and give your project a beautiful look.

Frequently asked questions about thermowood

How durable is thermowood?

Thermowood typically has a lifespan of 25 years or more, depending on environmental conditions and care.

What does thermally modified mean?

“Thermally modified” means that the wood has been treated with steam and heat to improve its properties such as durability and stability.

How much does thermowood cost?

The cost of thermowood varies depending on the type of wood, dimensions and supplier. For specific pricing information and options, it’s best to contact Housewood.

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