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Western Red Cedar STK ​

Western Red Cedar STK (Select Tight Knotty)

STK (Select Tight Knots) is a selection of Western Red Cedar with knots. In the Netherlands, the variant without knots, Nr2 Clear and Better, is the most common. The variant with some knots is a very interesting option for your facade, as the price is significantly lower than the “normal” WRC.

  • Favorably priced compared to knot-free option.
  • Same durability.
  • More rustic appearance.

What is STK?

WRC, also known as Western Red Cedar or Thuja plicata, is a prominent wood species prized for its natural beauty and durability. “Select Tight Knotty” refers to a quality classification of this wood, emphasizing the preservation of its natural characteristics such as knots, while maintaining overall high quality.

Western Red Cedar is often found on the west coast of North America, especially in areas such as British Columbia in Canada and parts of the United States, like Washington and Oregon. This wood species thrives in moist climates and grows to impressive heights, making it an abundant source of lumber for various applications.

Benefits of Western Red Cedar

The benefits of Western Red Cedar are numerous. It’s known for its natural resistance to insects and rot, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications such as cladding, decks, and garden furniture. Additionally, the wood has low shrinkage and swelling, making it highly stable when exposed to changing weather conditions.

The popularity of Western Red Cedar stems from its warm color and striking grain patterns, which beautifully grey over time as the wood is exposed to the wind, the sun, and rain. The presence of knots adds rustic charm, making each piece unique.

In short, Western Red Cedar Select Tight Knotty offers a blend of natural beauty, durability, and character, making it a top choice for a wide range of construction and decorative projects. The wood can be custom planed into various profiles and lengths. Want more information about the possibilities for your project? Feel free to reach out to us or request a quote with no obligation.

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